Dear Bill Gross: Here's The Truth About Getting A Job After College


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Bill Gross says the Golden Age of College in America is over. “College was great as long as the jobs were there,” he writes, but the jobs aren’t there any more. Instead graduates are leaving school with $24,000 in debt on average and no marketable skills.This depressing outlook, however, misses one fact.

There are jobs and high salaries for students who major in the right subject.

Geological engineering, military technology, pharmacology and student counseling majors registered a 100% employment rate in an extensive survey by Georgetown’s centre on Education and the Workforce.

Petroleum engineers take home a median salary of $120,000.

Whose fault is it, really, if your honour student majors in visual and performing arts, where the median salary is $40,000?

Major in geological engineering, military tech, pharmacology or student counseling and you will definitely get a job

Social psych majors have the highest unemployment rate at 16%

Petroleum engineer is the highest paying major, with median earnings of $120k

Counseling psychology is the lowest paying major, with a median of $29k

Business administration is the most popular major in the United States

Guidance counselor is the least popular major

Early childhood development has the highest share of female students

Naval architecture and marine engineering majors have the greatest share of male students

Computer science is the most heavily Asian

Student counseling is the most heavily African American

Biological engineering is the most heavily Hispanic

Forestry is the whitest major

Among the 10 most popular majors, computer science pays the most

To be competitive in any of these fields you probably need a graduate degree -- in student counseling 91% of your colleagues will have one

Only 9% of workers in commercial art and graphic design have graduate degrees

Health and medical preparatory program majors earn a whopping 190% more with a graduate degree

If you majored in atmospheric sciences and meteorology a graduate degree probably isn't worth it, with only a 1% pay boost

Of course where you get your degree matters about as much as what it's in

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