The Majority Of Americans Still Don't Support Gay Marriage

A comprehensive survey from Pew shows that there is still no majority support for gay marriage, contradicting polls from earlier this week. Even as more people support gay marriage, the percentage of those supporting it has yet to pass 50 per cent.

Other findings from the study:

  • Compared to baby boomers at 39 per cent and Generation X at 51 per cent, Millennials are the most supportive of gay marriage at 63 per cent
  • Women, at 51 per cent, are more pro gay marriage than men, at 42 per cent
  • There has been an increase in support of gay marriage among whites and blacks, but both races are short of majority at 47 and 39 per cent, respectively
  • While the majority of Democrats at 59 per cent and Independents at 52 per cent support gay marriage, these percentages have far to go to outweigh Republican opposition
  • Republicans’ stance on gay marriage has remained unchanged over the past decade, with just 21 per cent supporting in 2001 and 23 per cent supporting it in 2012
gay marriage pew support

Photo: Pew Research centre

Religion also plays a large role: 

gay marriage pew religion

Photo: Pew Research centre

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