Major Winter Storm Is Now A 'Bombogenesis' Situation

The major winter storm slamming the Northeast can now be called a “bombogenesis,” a term used by meteorologists to describe a low pressure system that rapidly intensifies as it moves out over warmer ocean water.

Shortly before 11 a.m on Thursday, Eric Fisher, the chief meteorologist for CBS News in Boston, tweeted: “#BOMBOGENESIS! Weather term loved by many, happening now south of Long Island. Falling 4mb/hr!”

“Genesis refers to the generating (of the storm), while bomb means it’s an explosive growth,” Bob Oravec, a National Weather Service forecaster told NBC News.

For the storm to form, an an area of low pressure associated with cold air smashes up against an area of high pressure associated with warm air, in this case the warm Gulf Stream waters.

The storm is referred to as a weather “bomb” when its central pressure drops at least 24 milibars in 24 hours, explains meteorologist Eric Holthaus.

When the pressure drops, winds get stronger and this leads to the development of a cyclone.

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