Major League Baseball's $US30 Million Replay Center Looks Amazing

With Major League Baseball’s expanded replay system this season, plays challenged by managers will now be reviewed by an umpire at the league’s “Replay Operation Center” in New York.

The facility cost nearly $US30 million to build and it looks amazing (via ESPN).

The facility includes dozens of televisions and monitors and will receive video feeds from 12 different cameras during every game.

The room comes with its own power supply in case of a blackout, and has its own heating and air conditioning system to make sure the temperature is always 72 degrees.

The layout includes three stations on both the right and left sides of the room.

Each station has four 46-inch monitors and during games, each station will have a technician and an umpire waiting for a manager’s challenge. The center will always have two four-man umpiring crews working the replays, rotating each week.

There is also a bank of televisions along one wall where technicians can keep tabs on all games.

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