Here's Why Major League Baseball Has A Spring Training DUI Problem

Matt Bush

Photo: AP Images

Earlier this week, a pair of baseball players were arrested for Driving Under the Influence of alcohol. These incidents led Buster Olney of, to write about baseball’s “Spring Training DUI problem,” and what should be done about it.So far this spring, three players have been arrested including former top pick Matt Bush of the Tampa Bay Rays, who is charged in an incident that left a victim in a medically induced coma.

Typically, we hear less about baseball players getting in trouble with the law than football or basketball players. This has less to do with the type of people that are playing baseball, and more about the scheduling.

In the NFL and NBA, players have more free time in between games. On the other hand, in baseball, a sport that typically plays six days a week, and has games that end after 10:00 at night, there is just less time for players to get in trouble.

But this changes during spring training. Players are not only away from home for the first time in months, but they are playing in games that are over by 4:00. These players also have less need to get a good night’s sleep, especially if you are veteran, that is only playing a handful of innings each day and aren’t worried about keeping your job.

It’s a recipe for disaster.

But can anything be done about? It might take somebody getting killed for something to change. Let’s just hope the Matt Bush incident won’t get to that point.

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