DAMAGE CONTROL: Jamie Dimon Has Re-Taped His 'Meet The Press' Interview

Jamie Dimon Meet The Press

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JPMorgan’s chief executive Jamie Dimon appears to be doing some major damage control following the $2 billion trading loss related to derivatives from the bank’s chief investment office in London. He already hosted a surprise conference call yesterday shortly after the bank’s 10-Q filing to discuss the loss. 

And now it looks like Dimon, who was already slated to appear in a pre-taped interview on “Meet The Press” with David Gregory this Sunday, is re-taping his interview following the $2 billion trading loss.  

Morning Money’s Ben White Tweeted earlier that the interview has been retaped and there will be bites played tonight on NBC Nightly News. 

UPDATE:  NYTimes’ Brian Stelter Tweeted that Dimon is filming at 30 Rock right now. 

Here’s the description posted on the show’s website

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon joins us for an exclusive interview after his company announced a market-shaking $2 billion trading loss. What went wrong? Should there have been more oversight from the government? How much blame should land on the CEO’s shoulders? If this can happen to JPMorgan, are there other big banks at risk?

A spokesperson for “Meet The Press” declined to comment if the show had in fact been retaped.  The spokesperson said it was taped on Wednesday and they have “spoken since.”  We were told to stand by for an update.  

Check out the original preview below:  

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