Mamiverse: A New Website That Gives Latina Soccer mums A Strong Political Voice



Read the 2010 Census and you realise something is changing about America. It’s our mums. Over the last decade, 56 per cent of the nation’s population growth has been driven by Latinos. In states like Texas, Latinos made up a whopping 65 per cent of growth. America’s national mum, you might say, is becoming a Latina mum.That’s the provocative argument of Mamiverse, a new website that launches Monday. Mamiverse wants to be for Latinas what Oprah Winfrey was for African-Americans: a pal, a spiritual adviser, and, more subtly, an image-changer. In a period when American-born Latinas have been caught in the national freakout about “border security,” Mamiverse offers them a new spokeswoman. She’s a particular kind of Latina mum—an English-speaking, all-American gal. “The young, acculturated, affluent, online Latina is speaking English, and is imbibing media in English,” says Rene Alegria, the site’s 36-year-old founder and CEO.

Alegria wants mum benevolent and wise; sceptical and demanding—to lead the political conversation. “We’re rebranding our community,” he says.

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