Mainland Visitors Eating On A Hong Kong Train Caused A Huge Fight

Recently, a dispute between Mainland visitors and Hong Kong residents caused by Mainland visitors eating on a Hong Kong MTR train was captured on video.  Video was then viewed extensively on the Internet and caused heated discussions amongst Hong Kong and Mainland netizens.

This video captured the incident happened on January 15, 2012, on a Hong Kong MTR (Mass Transit Railway) East Rail line train departing from Hung Hom, Hong Kong to Luohu, Shenzhen, Guangdong.  Carrying their luggage, eight Mainland visitors including children were departing from Hong Kong.  30-year-old Hong Kong resident Mr. Wei and his girlfriend were on the same train.

A Mainland mother poured some dried instant noddle onto her daughter’s hands, the little girl started to eat the noodle from her hands, during which some noodle spilled onto the floor.  Because eating and drinking are not allowed on the MTR, Mr. Wei spoke to them in not so standard Mandarin, “I am sorry, you can not eat here.”

Due to the video only captured when after the shouting had started; also when one MTR staff was brought to the scene, no one knew what had happened before.  Mr. Wei stated on the Internet on January 17, “After I told them, the kid stopped eating, however the mother accused me of making trouble.  Her companions also laughed at my bad Mandarin, said they couldn’t even understand.”

Mr. Wei when interviewed by Xinhua News Agency reporter on January 18 admitted his Mandarin was not good, but at the time he could not stand how the other party made fun of it. “I suddenly was so furious, that was looking down on me, disrespecting me.”  Mr. Wei yelled back in Cantonese, his girlfriend also joined the fight.

Some Hong Kong passengers tried to stop them, saying the Mainland visitors did something wrong and also started yelling and asked the MTR staff to resolve the dispute.  Then, the MTR staff came to learn about the situation.  The little girl said, “Mother should be at fault.” “It’s all my fault.”  Finally the MTR staff asked both parties to get off the train at the third stop to resolve the disputes.


Mainland woman: Just tell us clearly, right? Not a big deal.
Hong Kong woman: It is not a big deal, but even it is a small thing, it is still not good.
Mainland woman: Not good, we know now, isn’t it enough? What else do you want?
??: Don’t fight, no use arguing with them.
Hong Kong woman: Tell them all to get off the train.
Hong Kong man: We are not afraid of wasting time.
Hong Kong man to staff: They are eating noddle here, spilling all over the place.  I told them you can not eat on the train.
Mainland woman to staff: Because children just got on the train and the children don’t know.
Hong Kong man to staff: Then they started yelling.  This is Hong Kong.
Little girl:  mum should be at fault, sister.
Hong Kong man to staff: We told them can not eat here.  Then they started yelling at us.  You should ticket them.
Staff: Which of you will apologise.
Mainland woman: sorry (in English)
Staff:  Don’t say sorry to me.
Hong Kong Man: Speaking English sorry, so smart!.
Mainland woman: I don’t understand Cantonese.
Staff to Mainland woman:  Are these yours? Get off the train in a moment.
Hong Kong man:  Ok I don’t have a problem.
Staff: Are you all together?
Mainland woman:  I don’t understand.
Staff: (in Mandarin) How many of you?  Get off next stop.
Mainland woman: Ok, get off.
Staff:  We do not allowing eating here.
Mainland woman A: let me explain.
Mainland woman B: please let her explain.
Mainland woman A: we just got on the train, the children do not know, I stopped her right the way.
Staff: OK get off next stop.
Little girl: Not my fault.
Mainland woman to little girl: not your fault, not your fault.
Hong Kong man: I saw adults were also eating, you should be punished.
Mainland woman B: I didn’t know.
Mainland woman: Please stop.
Hong Kong man: Get off together, do not need to talk to them, all Mainland people are like this.  Get off.
Mainland woman: Curse you to death after we get off!

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Hongkonger’s resentment towards Mainlander continue to escalate and now it reaches an uncontrollable level…

Stay tuned for more controversy developed because of this incident. A Beijing University professors said “Hongkongnese are dogs” on a TV program in a discussion of the above incident.  This video clip went viral again and created even more stirs…