A 47-year-old teacher and mother of 2 disappeared from her bed in the middle of the night and hasn't been found — and police are baffled by the case

Facebook/Cumberland County Sheriff’s DepartmentKristin Westra, 47, disappeared from North Yarmouth, Maine, either Sunday night or early Monday morning.
  • The search for 47-year-old Maine teacher Kristin Westra entered a fourth day on Thursday.
  • Westra’s husband, pediatric cancer nurse Jay Westra, said he woke up Monday morning and his wife was missing from their bed.
  • Officials say Westra was under stress from renovations taking place at the school where she works and at her home.

The disappearance of a North Yarmouth, Maine, teacher has stumped local authorities, who haven’t found a single clue as to why she went missing.

Kristin Westra was last seen Sunday night at 8 p.m., when the 47-year-old went to bed with her husband.

Westra’s husband, Jay Westra, said he woke up around 3:30 a.m. and noticed his wife wasn’t in bed, but didn’t think anything of it since she had been having trouble sleeping.

He woke up for the morning around 6:20 a.m. and started to worry after finding that Kristin wasn’t in their home. He was further concerned after seeing that her keys and mobile phone were in the house and her car was parked outside.

Jay, a pediatric cancer nurse, said he initially drove around town looking for Kristin. When he couldn’t find her, he reported her missing at the local fire station, around 9 a.m.

Jay westraNews Center MaineWestra’s husband, Jay, made an impassioned plea on Wednesday for his wife to return home.

Foul play not currently suspected

Since then, search crews have combed the woods surrounding the couple’s rural home but have found no sign of her.

When asked by People magazine if they suspect foul play in Westra’s disappearance, Cumberland County Sheriff Capt. Scott Stewart said they’re “not leaning in that direction.”

‘There’s a lot we don’t know. Usually we’ll have a better idea to lead us in one direction or another, but unfortunately right now we can’t rule one avenue out as opposed to another,” he said.

Kristin westra homeNews Center MaineJay Westra woke up Monday morning and his wife was nowhere to be seen in their home, pictured above.

Westra was under stress and was having trouble sleeping

Westra’s brother, Eric Rohrbach, said she was under unusual stress due to renovations taking place at the elementary school where she works and at home.

“When she comes home, [the family members] don’t have a place to relax,” Rohrback told the Portland Press Herald. “They were, like, eating dinner in the garage. Kristin is someone who likes to come home and curl up with a book, and she couldn’t do that.”

Her husband said the stress was causing his wife to develop sleep troubles, but said she had been working through her issues with professionals. Family members said she was not on any medications and had no history of mental illness.

In an interview outside of their home on Wednesday, Jay Westra pleaded with his wife to come home, saying that their daughter and her stepson miss her.

“Kristin, no matter what, come home,” he told News Center Maine. “We’ve always taken care of everything, we’ve solved every problem, we’re a team, we will be a team, your daughter loves you, your friends love you, your parents love you, your brother and sister-in-law love you, aunts and uncles, everybody wants you back. There’s nothing – there’s no problem, no embarrassment, no obstacle – that can’t be overcome when you come back.”

Anyone with information on Westra’s disappearance is being asked to call the Maine State Police at 207-624-7076 or the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office at 207-893-2310.

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