And Now: Here's A Video Of Lobster Cannibalism

It’s a lobster-eat-lobster world in the Gulf of Maine, a problem brought on by declining populations of predatory fish and a warming ocean that has spurred a lobster population boom. With few predators and high numbers of young lobsters, this tasty species is left with only others of its species left to munch on.

The changing ecology in the Atlantic waters isn’t only impacting the baby lobsters. The price of lobster meat is lowest since the great depression, at around $2.72 per pound. And the haul is the biggest, with 126 million pounds of lobster caught in 2012.

This peak, plus the cannibalism of young lobsters, could lead to an eventual drought of the lobster species, Mother Jones reports.

Climate Desk visited with lobster researcher Noah Oppenheim to talk about the threats to Maine’s the lobster population — including other, cannibalistic lobsters.

Watch the campy video below to see the lobster-on-lobster action. The best bit is at around the two minute mark, when you see the savage murder of a baby lobster.

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