This Is Officially The Most Peaceful State In America


brentdanley | Flickr

Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

Maine is the most peaceful state in the United States for the 11th year running, according to the annual U.S. Peace Index released yesterday by The Institute for Economics and Peace.The state of Maine scores the best in the country on 3 of the 5 indicators on which the report is based. It has the lowest rates of violent crime, incarceration, and the smallest number of police employees per capita. The state is also has the 8th lowest homicide rate in the nation, but comes in slightly below average on small arms ownership, at 28th.

Interestingly, Maine does not score particularly well in other measures that closely correlate with “peacefulness.” It has a relatively low percentage of people with high school diplomas (90%), a high infant mortality rate (5.64 per 1000 births), and a high percentage of children in single parent families (33%). 

The most improved state in the country was Wyoming, which rose to 17th. The state hadn’t cracked the top 20 since 1996. Except for a high rate of small arms ownership, where it fell to 46th in the nation, Wyoming approved across the board.

Vermont and New Hampshire were the 2nd and 3rd most peaceful states in the country, respectively, with the Northeast region rated by far the most peaceful region overall. The Northeast scores the best in every category except for the percentage of police employees. 

Minnesota and Utah rounded out the top 5. 

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