Some people are furious that Disneyland has turned one of its oldest attractions into a gift shop

The Main Street Cinema in Disneyland. MediaNews Group/Orange County Register/Getty Images

A classic Disneyland attraction opened by Walt Disney in 1955 has seemingly been turned into a gift shop, according to the Orange County Register.

Over the weekend, Disneyland visitors began to notice that that Main Street Cinema, a small theatre that plays some of Walt Disney’s earliest cartoons, was filled with merchandise. According to the Orange Country Register, signs that read “Cartoons and Collectibles” have also been displayed in front to advertise the souvenirs available inside.

Now, visitors to the Anaheim, California, theme park are taking to Twitter to express their frustration with Disney, as many feel the apparent change is disrespectful to Walt Disney’s creation.

Over the weekend, people began to share photos of the updated Main Street Cinema

Laughing Place, a blog about Disney, uploaded a number of photos to Twitter, which show the space lined with merchandise.

On Twitter, many said they disagree with Disney’s choice to turn Main Street Cinema into a gift shop

While some said they feel the change is disrespectful to Disneyland’s history and Walt Disney’s vision, others said the addition of merchandise is unnecessary. Some pointed out that the same products can be purchased at other stores in the park.^tfw^tfw

Some people even created memes to express their feelings about the news.

Despite criticism, some people showed their support for Disneyland’s decision

Some Twitter users said that Main Street Cinema was in need of a revamp as the space is often empty. Others argued that the change is likely temporary, and not worth worrying about.^tfw

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Main Street Cinema was one of the first attractions created by Walt Disney

According to Fandom, Main Street Cinema opened to visitors on Disneyland’s opening day in 1955, and played short films starring celebrities like Gloria Swanson. It later switched its film rotation to show Disney movies in the ’70s, and a matching attraction was built in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom – which has since closed.

Now, the theatre plays some of Walt Disney’s earliest film creations, like “Steamboat Willie,” “Traffic Troubles,” and “Mickey’s Polo Team,” all of which run for less than eight minutes each.

Currently, it’s unclear if the films are still being played while merchandise is being sold within Main Street Cinema. It’s also unclear if Disney has plans to make the change permanent. INSIDER has reached out to Disneyland for clarification; representatives for the park did not immediately reply to our request for comment.