You’ll Never Guess What Website Just Jumped Past HuffPo In Traffic


No, not the  They are still far and ahead the online traffic winner. 

Gossip lovers will perhaps not be surprised to hear that the MailOnline, the website for the UK’s Daily Mail, and purveyor of much of the best dish (and pictures) to be found anywhere on the web, burst ahead of HuffPo in the last few months.

“According to the global market researcher, MailOnline achieved a 27% rise in unique visitors between February and last month, to 39,635,000, while a 20% lift at the Huffington Post took it to 38,429,000.”

That’s huge.  And if they continue on that trajectory they may well catch the newly paywalled NYT, which up until last month was clocking New York Times a record 61,964,000 unique users worldwide. 

That gap will be much easier to close now that the NYT has put up their paywall — traffic at the site is projected to have fallen between 5% and 15% in the first two weeks of the paywall, with page views dropping up to 30%.