Maid In Beijing Hotel Caught Cleaning Toilets With The Same Towels Guests Use To Wash Themselves

We all know to eschew the bedspreads in hotels since they are notoriously filthy, but now we have a new thing to worry about while staying in a hotel: towels.

A maid at the Beijing Mehood Hotel in Beijing was caught cleaning the toilets, showers, floors, and even tea cups with the same towels that guests use to wash, according to China Daily.

An undercover reporter from Beijing News captured the acts on camera and video.

“We apologise to our dear customers and will rectify our management,” Zhou Jia, the general manager of the Beijing Mehood Hotel, said. Hotel management said that the maid has been suspended.

This is not the first time a China hotel has come under fire for misusing guest towels. Last year, Home Inns Group, which has more than 1,800 hotels across China, had a similar scandal when its Qingdao branch was reportedly caught using filthy cleaning tools and providing unsterilized cups, according to China Daily.

You may want to start rethinking washing your face with a hotel towel — especially in China.

Watch the video below:

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