Charlie Sheen, Ted Nugent And Face-Ripper Monkey Top Bill Maher’s List Of 2012 Republicans

Maher Monkey

The troubles the Republican party have been having trying to find a credible candidate for the upcoming presidential election are widely known, and Bill Maher knows why.

“The reason its so hard for Republicans to run these days is the same reason that the ratings for Donald Trump’s show are up this year: the crazier the contestant the more the voters like it.”

Calling it a “vain attempt to somehow find a candidate meaner than Trump and dumber than Palin,” he outlined exactly what the Republican party is looking for this year:

Someone who doesn’t compromise, who treats Obama “like he’s some mysterious black guy who turned up uninvited to your country club” and won’t admit that government does any good at all.

So who fits that bill?

Well, there’s Charlie Sheen, who’s “got the Trump swagger and the Bachmann IQ.”

There’s also Ted Nugent, Andrew Dice Clay who is “a misogynist, racist and homophobic, or what Republican primary voters call a good start”, Thor who is “blonde and white and solves all of his problems with a hammer” and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s penis.

But Maher’s favourite candidate by far was the “Face-Ripper Monkey.” 

Not only does he disprove evolution but he’s “aggressive, independent and he’s not afraid to prove his toughness with direct, common sense solutions.. like ripping off people’s faces.”

Sadly, these do seem like better candidates than most of what we’ve seen so far.

Video below: