Bill Maher And His Panel Get RAUNCHY While Talking About The Bachmanns

Bill Maher

Bill Maher and his panel decided to talk about the controversy over Michele Bachmann’s husband and his reparative therapy, where he tries to turn gay children straight, and things might have gone a little bit too far.

Dan Savage called the practice “spiritual and psychological abuse,” noting “you can’t pray away the gay, but you can torture a conflicted closet case to death.”  Marc Maron joked about it, calling the whole Bachmann marriage an “some sort of prolonged experiment in this reparative therapy.”

Maher and Savage also blasted the Bachmann’s for receiving money from the government for the clinic and for their farm, with Savage labelling them “grifters and scumbags.”

And if you think that is harsh, just wait until you hear what Maron followed it up with:

“I don’t want to be crass but I just hope that Marcus Bachmann takes all that, you know, that rage that comes from repression and denial and brings it into the bedroom with her. I hope he fucks her angrily, because that’s how I would and I’ve thought about it.”

Uh oh.

Given what conservatives have been saying about him lately, you know Maher didn’t need a comment like that on his show.

Savage, most likely trying to diffuse the uproar that is bound to spring up, said that he, as a gay man, had the same feeling about Rick Santorum.

“I sometimes think about fucking the shit out of Rick Santorum.”

“I’m up for whipping up some santorum in Santorum.”

Something tells me that is not going to help.

Video below:

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