Magnises, a private club for elite millennials, is now offering its members access to swanky nightclubs and hotel stays for $79 a night

Magnises penthouseMadeline Stone / Business InsiderA Magnises black card.

Magnises, founded in 2014 by twenty-something Billy McFarland, wants to help you build the perfect network.

With the use of a personalised black card, the private club gives young professionals access to special events and deals in some of the biggest cities on the East Coast, most notably in New York City and Washington, DC.

By flashing your Magnises card, you can get discounts at restaurants, bars, or clubs and reserve experiences like private concerts and luxurious getaways.

The black card can be linked with your bank or credit card for payment purposes, but its main draw is definitely the perks that come along with it.

“We’re building a complete platform that connects millennials with new businesses, online and offline. One thing that everyone carries with them at all times is their debit or credit card,” McFarland told Business Insider last July. “So we tied it to that.”

The club’s membership has swelled to 12,000 people, and as McFarland shared with Business Insider Wednesday, they’re adding a bunch of new benefits.

For just $99 a month, New York-based Magnises members can access the co-working facilities at Alley, where Magnises also maintains its corporate offices. Desks at co-working spaces typically rent for about $500 a month, McFarland said. Magnises is calling this new membership feature WorkPass.

“We’re just trying to take all of our members’ lives to the next level — equally professionally and socially,” McFarland said to Business Insider.

Magnises penthouse recent event at the Magnises’ penthouse space on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

The startup is also introducing a feature called ClubPass, which allows Magnises members to pay $65 a month for guaranteed access to the most exclusive nightclubs in New York.

With a third new feature, HotelPass, Magnises members can stay at The Dream Hotel’s New York locations for $79 a night. Rooms at The Dream typically start at $245.

“These are places our members want to go, but maybe they can’t, or if they can, they’d have to pay for an expensive table, in the case of the ClubPass,” McFarland said.

It’s a good deal for the club and hotel brands, too, Magnises says. The club is made up of working professionals between 21 years old and 35 years old, most of whom work in industries like finance, fashion, and tech.

“The Dream Hotel is opening a bunch of properties around the world. They want our members to think of The Dream first when they vacation or travel for business,” McFarland said. “We’re basically giving them access to their target demographic and getting them inside the door.”

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