This Startup Solves The Biggest Problem With Scheduling Meetings

Scheduling meetings can be annoying: Nothing’s worse than a ping-pong match of emails as you try to narrow down times when both parties are free.

There are web apps like
Doodle, which lets you suggest times on a virtual calendar, but you still have to cross-reference those times with your personal calendar to see when you’re free.

Both Google and Microsoft Outlook have neat options to share your calendar with other users to narrow down availabilities. The problem is, Google and Microsoft calendars couldn’t sync together. Until now.

A calendar app called Magneto just launched a new feature to cure your scheduling woes.

The beauty of Magneto is that it lets users create shared group calendars with people that don’t use the same calendar service. Once all participants have shared their calendars, all it takes is pressing “Find a time” for the service to recommend the best times for a meeting, taking into account availability, time zones, and working hours.

Here’s a look at how it works:

First, users pick a meeting name and location:

Next, they invite guests:

Every participant can choose how they want to share their calendar:



Here’s how an invitation will look to participants it gets sent to:

Once everyone has shared their calendar, you can see what’s available:

Or, better yet, just click “find a time” to have options recommended:

Magneto is free to use, with an expanded enterprise option coming soon.

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