Magnetic Poetry Guy's Business Is Getting Crushed By Stainless Steel Fridge Boom

Dave Kapell, a singer and songwriter, accidentally invented Magnetic Poetry in the 1990’s after sneezing on a pile of word clippings he used while constructing a song.

Kapell was one of the subjects of a piece on magnets on CBS Sunday Morning.

Magnetic Poetry turned refrigerator owners around the world into creative writers.

However, refrigerators have been changing.

According to CBS, more than 30% of refrigerators sold in 2012 had stainless steel doors. Magnets don’t stick to these.

Kapell told CBS the stainless steel fridge boom cut his sales in half.

And it’s not just the stainless steel hurting his business.

“Everything has sort of gone online at this point,” said Kapell.  “Instead of leaving a note for your kids on you fridge, you text them a note.”

The medium is evolving quickly.

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