This might be the perfect way to charge your phone

A company called Znaps has a Kickstarter campaign underway to turn your smartphone’s charging port and cable into a magnetic charger charger.

It’s similar to Apple’s MagSafe power connector, which allows you to easily plug and unplug the power connector to your laptop with a satisfying magnetic snap.

Most importantly, it also detaches if and when someone trips on the power cord, which could break the cord and send your laptop hurtling towards a faceoff with the floor. And the floor always wins that fight. But MagSafe isn’t available for the iPhone.

Here’s what Apple’s MagSafe connector looks like.

For the Znaps, a tiny magnetic adaptor fits into your device’s charging port (Lightning for iOS devices, microUSB for Android) and a separate magnetic adaptor fits over your cable’s connector. And the rest is pretty self explanatory. 

It means you could simply place your phone’s charging port close to the charging cable, and it will snap in with the power of magnets.

And it will disconnect without causing any damage if you pull on your phone when it’s still charging.

And there’s even a little status light, just like you’d find on a MacBook’s MagSafe charging connector.

The campaign is barely a quarter of the way through with 24 days remaining, and Znaps has already amassed $US437,295 of its $US94,221 goal. That’s 464% of Znap’s goal, so saying there’s some interest is an understatement. 

Watch the rest of Znaps’ Kickstarter campaign video here:

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