Apple's new keyboard could be named the 'Magic Toolbar'

Apple will release new MacBooks next week, and all signs point to them having a new kind of keyboard with an integrated touchscreen replacing the function keys.

Now we have a good clue what it could be called: “Magic Toolbar.”

Trademark sleuth and intellectual property lawyer Brian Conroy of Remnick Solicitors found a trademark registration in the Benelux Union for just that term relating to computers and computing devices.

He previously dug up several terms that Apple revealed when it launched the iPhone 7.

There’s one catch: Conroy wasn’t able to find a piece of paper with the name “Apple” on it. Apparently, a Delaware company called “Presto Apps America” formed this past January filed the trademark application.

But there are several signs that point to Apple:

  • The application was duplicated in Canada, Indonesia, and Malaysia, and the lawyers in those countries were the same lawyers that registered “AirPods,” which is certainly an Apple trademark.
  • Apple uses the “Magic” moniker for most of its mice and keyboards, including Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse 2.
  • Apple has used shell companies to register trademarks in the past, including Entertainment in Flight for AirPods and IP Application Development LLC for the term “iPad.”

For more details on Conroy’s hunt, visit his blog.

Apple will reveal the new MacBook Pro on October 27 — which is the day after Apple would have to file another global application for other interesting Apple-related trademarks, including “Touch Bar” and “Apple Smart Button.”

Business Insider will be covering Apple’s announcement live, which is when we’ll see for sure if Apple’s wild new touchscreen keyboard will in fact have a feature called “Magic Toolbar.”

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