Billion-dollar startup Magic Leap's futuristic smartglasses made a bizarre appearance on Brazilian television with dancing bears

  • Magic Leap is a startup that has raised $US2.3 billion to build a pair of smartglasses that’s supposed to be released this year.
  • Demos of the technology are still not available to the public.
  • But a pair of the glasses popped up on Brazilian television last week in a World Cup broadcast featuring a digital Neymar and dancing bears.

Magic Leap’s first product, Magic Leap One, is a pair of hotly anticipated smartglasses that’s expected to be released to the public this year.

For now, the glasses, which will integrate computer graphics and the real world, aren’t available to the public yet. But closed-door demos have been impressive enough that the company has raised over $US2.3 billion to build its technology.

Magic Leap One did make a quiet public appearance recently, though. A Brazilian TV personality got to don a pair last week to help illustrate a wild segment about the World Cup on television, which we spotted thanks to the VR AR Association.

You have to check it out:

“My name is Tiago, and I’m from the future with a message for you. These glasses are actually mixed reality,” Tiago Leifert, the broadcaster, said in Portuguese, according to a rough translation.

The reason why these glasses popped up in this broadcast is that Globo, the channel this was broadcast on, is owned by Grupo Globo, an investor in the Miami-based startup.

(Axel Springer, Business Insider’s parent company, is also an investor in Magic Leap.)

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