Magic Leap's mysterious 'cinematic reality' headset might get a major boost

Magic Leap is one of the coolest, most mysterious tech companies in the world right now.

We’ve never seen its invention, but we know what it can do — it essentially projects light into your eyes to “augment” the reality you see. We recently got a chance to actually see what people will see when they don Magic Leap’s mystery headset.

But now, after raising over $US500 million from Google last October, Re/code reports the company is set to raise a $US1 billion round, led by Alibaba, which would make it one of the largest single rounds of funding in history.

Magic Leap truly believes its invention will change computing as we know it. The company says you won’t need TVs or smartphones if you have its headset. In other words, internal expectations are mighty high for Magic Leap.

That said, everyone who has actually tried Magic Leap’s headset has been blown away. Thomas Tull, CEO of Legendary Pictures, got to try Magic Leap last year. He told Fast Company: “It’s so badass you can’t believe it. It’s one of the few things I’ve ever experienced in my life where I came out and said, ‘This changes everything. This is a marker of the future.'”

We don’t know when to expect Magic Leap to be ready for consumers. But given that Microsoft’s own augmented reality headset Hololens will be coming to developers early next year, we expect Magic Leap will feel pressure — both from the inside and out — to compete with its own product.

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