Magic Johnson Is Now An Official Spokesman For Obamacare

Magic johnson white house thumbYouTube/White HouseMagic Johnson

Celebrities have been unofficially endorsing the Affordable Care Act since it launched on Oct. 1. Amy Poehler, Pharrell Williams, Kate Bosworth, Michael Cera, and Rosario Dawson were among the many who took to social media to promote the hashtag #GetCovered.

But now the White House has directly produced its own endorsement ad, and its spokesman is Basketball Hall of Fame member and AIDS survivor Earvin “Magic” Johnson. It is promoting the video on the homepage and its YouTube page.

In the ad, Johnson specifically addresses young people and athletes, and tells them to “Make sure you get Obamacare.”

He proclaims that early detection of diseases can save lives, which is what gave him the chance to live a healthy life with AIDS for the past 22 years (though, of course, Johnson’s wealth grants him access to the most advanced and expensive health care).

Here’s the video, which premiered on Wednesday:

Johnson has been a health advocate for a while now.

He founded his non-profit, the Magic Johnson Foundation, in 1991, the same year he announced he had AIDS. It is dedicated to educating poor urban communities on HIV/AIDS prevention, and has established scholarship programs and community centres around the country.

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