Magic Ad Mirrors Will Soon Greet You In The Airport Bathroom

Magic Ad Mirrors

Photo: Jaunted

Get ready to have someone watch you go to the bathroom the next time you fly through Chicago-O’Hare.Clear Channel Outdoor is partnering up with Mirrus to bring a new kind of advertisement to places you’d least expect it—bathroom mirrors.

Most of the time the mirrors will just display your beautiful reflection, but when the mirrors are not in use they’ll display advertisements for all of your favourite companies.

Once you walk up to the sink the ads will magically change back into a mirror, but not before an image of that pesky Geico gecko is permanently stored within your brain.

If things go well the two companies are looking to expand to other airports, so don’t freak out when you see advertisements in the mirror as you make your way around the country. Chicago seems to be the base for this new technology, as there are already plans to install them at the homes of the Da Cubs, Da Bulls, and Da Bears. It’s definitely kind of cool that they can do this, but it’s also a little creepy and way annoying, too.

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