Millions of maggots washed up on these Sydney beaches

A view of Bilgola Beach and Newport Beach in the background. Photo: Bilgola Beach Break/ Facebook.

Millions of tiny maggots washed up on Newport and Bilgola beach, in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, on Sunday.

Local woman Jane Gardner posted photos of the gruesome sight on Facebook saying: ‚ÄúZillions of maggots washed up on the tide at Newport Beach.”

Jane Gardner/ Facebook

The maggots continued to be a problem for locals on Tuesday, with the local council forced to shut down the Bilgola ocean pool as the creepy crawlies continued to linger.

Newport ocean pool has remained open.

A local man told the Daily Telegraph that in his 15 years of swimming at the beach pool daily, he has never seen a phenomenon like it.

He said one woman went for a swim, only to later found out about the infestation when she discovered maggots in her swimming costume.

A council manager of environment and infrastructure said the maggots are likely a result of the warmer weather which has been a perfect breeding ground for flies to lay eggs in the seaweed.

Locals are being warned that more maggots could be on the way during the next high tide.

Jane Gardner/ Facebook

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