Magazine Stand Sales Plummet By 9 per cent

Who buys magazine at a newsstand these days?

According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, not too many people. Their study of 472 U.S. titles showed that newsstand sales went down 9.1% to just 39.3 million in the last half of 2009, compared to the time last year.

Newsstand sales aren’t everything: They are a small percentage of most magazines’ circulation, according to the New York Times, “but they are a profitable part of it — publishers typically charge only a fraction of the newsstand price for a subscription copy.”

Magazine publishers are selling more magazine subscriptions online, according to some publishers. Others are waiting for digital “storefronts” to open, like the one being created by Time‘s John Squires.

In the meantime, they are looking at low numbers from the print and mortar ones.

Here are more results from the report, via the New York Times:

  • W: newsstand sales are down 41.7% to about 25,000 for an average issue.
  • Newsweek: down 41.3% to about 62,000
  • SmartMoney: down 37% to about 26,000
  • Time: down 34.9% to about 90,000
  • Good Housekeeping: down 30.7% to 395,000
  • Redbook: down 30.1% to 126,000

We’ll have more information for you in the Chart of the Day feature coming out later today.

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