Magazine Sales: Economist, US Weekly Up; Time Down

The newest report from the Audit Bureau of Circulation — the Nielsen of the magazine world — is out, and we can state with confidence that some publications have seen their circulation increase, and others have shrunk.

Beyond that, though, it’s hard to grab a bead on any particular trends. For instance:

  • US Magazine, which is more dependent on newsstand sales than most American pubs, raised its cover price and saw sales increase 10%.
  • Time Magazine also raised its price — and saw newsstand sales tumble 19.4%, and overall circulation drop 17.6%. But the magazine said it had intentionally cleared out many “junk” (auto-renewed) subs.
  • Among established magazines, the Economist had the biggest jump, increasing 13%. Among upstarts, the biggest gainer was Rachael Ray’s (!) magazine, which shot up 67%.

Overall, paid circulation was up 2.2%, which isn’t awful considering other old media trends. Now let’s see what Wal-Mart’s decision to drop 1,000 titles from its racks does to next year’s numbers.

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