How Much Does Madonna’s Face Cost?


We’ll spare you the “before” pictures, but 50-year-old pop star Madonna almost certainly had some work done on her face before attending the Oscars on Friday night.

She had to.  Madonna is an international brand and her face is her corporate logo. We figure she should get to refresh it at least as often as Pepsi.

So how much did the work cost?

ABC News tracked down Dr. Bruce Katz, director of Mt. Sinai School of Medicine’s Juva Skin and Laser Clinic.

He says Madonna definitely had Botox, which would cost at least $800, and probably underwent a laser treatment called “fractional resurfacing too.” The total bill would come in around $1,900.

Not bad!  After all, that’s a tiny fraction of the $242,176,466 that  Billboard says Madonna’s music earned in 2008 last year.  Sure, Pepsi earns three times that each quarter, but redesigning its logo cost more than $1 million.