Madonna's Brother Still Desperately Trying To Cash In On Her Fame

Christopher Ciccone’s tell-all book about life with his sister, Madonna, doesn’t hit shelves until July 15, but he’s already trying to milk his 15 minutes of fame. Specifically, he’s pitching a reality show about life as Madge’s brother. Sadly, we think that show might actually get made. (Can’t you see it running on A&E after “Gene Simmons Family Jewels”?)

NYP: AS if writing a tell-all book about his famous sister wasn’t enough, now Christopher Ciccone is going one step further to hurt and embarrass Madonna. He’s been shopping a reality show based on the fact that he’s her brother, a publishing insider tattled – “He hasn’t gotten a deal yet, but he’s been pitching it around.” Meanwhile, the exposé is said to be so under wraps, there are only six bound copies in existence – and they get messengered around, with no one allowed to keep a copy.

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