Madoff's Sons: Unemployed, Broke And Just Hoping To Stay Out Of Jail


The upcoming issue of Vanity Fair portrays the lives of Bernard Madoff’s sons and asks “Did The Sons Know?” Mark and Andrew Madoff feel betrayed by their father, David Margolick writes for Vanity Fair. Page Six today highlights some of the juicier details:

  • Blame mum as an enabler. Andrew and Mark Madoff aren’t speaking with their mother Ruth Madoff. They don’t suspect that she was involved with the scheme, but they believe her tendency to side with Bernie regardless of the the circumstances enabled his crimes.  
  • Avoding using the Madoff name. Andrew Madoff and his fiance Catherine Hooper (pictured with a fish, above) use her name when making restaurant reservation. Andrew’s estranged wife, Deborah, orders groceries from FreshDirect using her maiden name.
  • Excessive self-pity. * Jeff Wilpon, whose family owns the Mets and lost hundreds of millions in Madoff’s scheme, remains friendly with Mark Madoff. But that is being strained by Mark’s “excessive self-pity. “
  • Strained relations. Hooper gave Andrew a birthday card in April that said, “Hope you have a fun day doing all the things people in prison wish they could do.” When Andrew told her that his real wish was to have his parents back, she shot back, “Yeah, they were a really nice idea.”

When Andrew complained to an African American friend that he is unemployed, broke, and “just trying to stay out of jail — my name is mud,” his friend replied: “Well, now you’re just like every black man in America.”

There’s more at Page Six, including the shunning of the Madoff grandchildren by classmates at the New York City private school, Dalton. If this sampling is any indication, we really can’t wait to read Margolick’s full piece in Vanity Fair.

Reuters reveals that the article says Mark Madoff scrutinizes every story and blog on the scandal. Andew, on the other hand, appears to have detached himself emotionally. He calls the situations “a father-son betrayal of biblical proportions.” Cue the violins!

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