Buy Madoff's "Bull" Yacht For Just $4.3 Million

Bernie Madoff’s yacht, which he named, “Bull,” is being auctioned off at the annual GAIM hedge fund conference held this week.

The Financial Times says it’s going for $4.3 million, a discount compared to what it’s worth ($8.6 million, according to an article in October 2010), because of the karma.

The boat was custom built to Madoff’s specifications in 2007 and it comes with monogrammed towels and duvets with Bernie and Ruth’s initials.

Too weird? Wyles Hardy, the seller, has a solution for that: change the name!

“If the owner wants anonymity a simple name change is all that is required,” says the brochure. 

The boat was put on the market in August 2009, but then some legal issues took it off. It’s been back on the market since October 2010.

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