Kosher Meals And Conjugal Visits Await Madoff

Tonight, Bernie Madoff will sleep in a cramped jail cell, a far cry from his $7 million penthouse. But that’s just transitional housing. The question remains: Will he serve out his time in an utter hell hole, or somewhere cushy and comfortable?

White collar defence attorney Jeff Chabrowe told Esquire that Madoff will likely avoid going to Sing Sing or some “supermax” and instead go to a medium-security prison in Mount Hope, NY.

This isn’t exactly Club Fed. The facility houses 1100 violent criminals, including murderers and rapists, and Madoff’s high profile will make him an easy target for the most deranged inmates. And Madoff will likely share a cell with a bunk-mate — likely some other in-danger inmate, like a child molestor.

The good news for Bernie. He should have enough money to bribe a guard to keep him relatively safe.

And there are two other perks: kosher meals and conjugal visits.

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