Madoff Claimed He Was On Short List To Be SEC Chairman

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Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff told SEC investigators that he might be their boss someday.

This bit of info comes straight out from the SEC’s Inspector General David Kotz’s report, which says that that’s what the Madoff told the commission during one of its investigations.

Madoff also gloated to the “investigators” that he knew that Christopher Cox was to be the next SEC chairman, just a few weeks before his nomination.

From the report: The other NERO [SEC’s Northeast Regional Office] examiner noted that all throughout the examination, Bernard  Madoff would drop the names of high-up people in the SEC. Madoff told them that Christopher Cox was going to be the next Chairman of the SEC a few weeks prior to Cox being officially named. He also told them that Madoff himself “was on the short list” to be the next Chairman of the SEC.

Madoff also apparently pulled a Benmosche as well during the investigation, getting very angry and aggressive with his “veins popping out of his neck.”

From the report: Throughout the examination, the NERO examiners “had a real difficult time dealing with” Madoff as he was described as growing “increasingly agitated” during the examination, and attempting to dictate to the examiners what to focus on in the examination and what documents they could review. Yet, when the NERO examiners reported back to their Assistant Director about the pushback they received from Madoff, they received no support and were actively discouraged from forcing the issue.

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