Madoff Victim Alexandra Penney Gets A Book Deal


Remember Alexandra Penney? She was the Madoff victim that was pilloried for a post she did on the Daily Beast about how hard life was now that she had to give up her art studio and her bath salts and (gasp) ride the subway. Anyway, good news for her. She’s getting a book deal

NYT Artsbeat: “I think she’s really struck a nerve,” said Ellen Archer, publisher of Hyperion. “There are a lot of us, even those of us with paychecks, who are worried that we can end up on the streets. Even those of us who haven’t invested with Bernie Madoff have taken a lot of financial hits and watching her navigate these difficult waters provides a lot of people with reassurance.”

Ms. Archer declined to say how much Ms. Penney is being paid for the book, which is scheduled for publication in the fall. Ed Victor, Ms. Penney’s literary agent, also declined to name a sum, but said, “It’s a nice amount of money.”

Well, at least one of the victims will end up with a “nice amount of money.”  Maybe she could take half of her advance and distribute it to the less-connected Madoff victims? You know, the ones who haven’t written books like How to Make Love To A Man.