Madoff Sent $1 Million In Jewels In Just One Package

We already knew that Madoff tried sending out about $1 million in jewelry to friends and family, prompting prosecutors to demand his bail be revoked. What we didn’t realise until CNBC reported it just now is that Bernie and Ruth sent $1 million in jewels in a single package!

Among the items sent: 13 diamond rings, emeralds, two sets of cufflinks (we’re geussing they were expensive, not novelty ones) and high-end watches.

Remember, Bernie says it was all innocent, that they just wanted to give away a few heirlooms. But $1 million in a single letter? Were they concerned about the mail getting lost? Was it at least priority mail? Did they buy insurance and get a tracking number?

How can the judge not revoke Bernie’s bail at this point?

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