Whatever Happened To All Those Madoff Movies?


Film distributor Cohen Media Group just acquired the rights to “Chasing Madoff,” a documentary based on the book by Harry Markopolos, the investigator who spent more than 10 years tracking Bernie Madoff.

It got us thinking: what happened to all those Madoff movies we heard about when the scandal was unfolding?

“Madoff’s Inferno” is apparently in post-production — filming in San Francisco has already wrapped.

Thanks to its little-known cast and high-concept storyline — “a retelling of Dante’s famous tale through the eyes of Wall Street’s most infamous man” — we’re not sure you’ll be laying eyes on this anytime soon.

Meanwhile, “Madoff: Madeoff With America” — which got a lot of buzz at the scandal’s outset for its clever title — is finished, but filmmaker Edmund Druillhet (who stars in the film as a filmmaker taking down Madoff — how meta!) hasn’t set a release for it yet.

Besides “Chasing,” the only Madoff-inspired story you’ll see on the big screen in the near future is “Tower Heist.”

The action comedy, which stars Ben Stiller, follows a band of avengers who set out to rob a Ponzi schemer’s apartment. It’s slated for a November release.

Other than that, Madoff’s story is being left alone for the moment.

And perhaps because it took a tragic turn with the December suicide of Mark Madoff, we won’t see a real, A-list-stocked, nuanced take on Madoff until years from now, when the story is actually finished and the dust has finally settled.