Madoff Minions Dragged In For Questioning


Prosecutors are starting where they usually start: The bottom.  The odd thing in this case is that the guy at the top, the one prosecutors are trying to build a case against, has already confessed. But now it’s time to round up the conspirators.

Our bet is the folks below had no idea they were helping to perpetrate a massive scam. (Other Madoff minions, however, almost certainly did).

WSJ: Federal prosecutors in Manhattan have begun interviewing employees who worked in Bernard Madoff’s investment operation, according to people familiar with the matter. The move signals a ramping up of the criminal investigation into how Mr. Madoff pulled off an alleged massive Ponzi scheme and who else may have been involved.

Two longtime assistants who worked in Mr. Madoff’s investment business — where the alleged fraud occurred — recently met with prosecutors regarding information about Mr. Madoff and other employees at the firm, the people familiar with the matter said. It is unclear whether the assistants implicated anyone.

The assistants, Semone Anderson and Winnie Jackson, did clerical work for Annette Bongiorno, a roughly 40-year veteran of the Madoff firm who handled accounts for a number of Mr. Madoff’s oldest clients, according to people familiar with the firm. The assistants and Ms. Bongiorno haven’t been charged with wrongdoing and no evidence has surfaced that shows they had knowledge of the alleged fraud.