Check Out Pictures Of Bernie Madoff's Bizarre, Fancy Estate


Yesterday we went to the media preview for the Madoff Asset Auction.

The possessions come from the Madoffs New York penthouse and Montauk beachfront mansion and will probably sell for a total of $1.5 to $2 million – a “drop in the bucket” said a New York Marshall, compared to what he stole.

One thing we took away from the auction:

Bernie bought items he liked and would use, and wasn’t an investor per se. The only thing he technically collected was watches.

A total of almost 5,000 individual items will be on sale this Saturday.

Ruth's platinum engagement ring with a 10.54 carat emerald cut diamond is expected to be the best-selling lot, valued at $300,000-$350,000

They each had their own study. This is Ruth's desk.

Madoff had his Steinway piano retrofitted with a cassette player... It could fetch anywhere between $7000 - $16,000

Bernie compulsively labelled everything... His bags...

His shirts...

His umbrella...

His napkins...

His stationary...

Is WaPo cartoonist David Brion clairvoyant?

These boxer shorts were PLEATED. We didn't even know such a thing existed.

You can even buy the towels that Madoffs dried themselves with. Ew.

Bernie's monogrammed velvet slippers

He had some pretty flamboyant shoes!

A U.S Marshal said that Bernie had the same shirt in every colour and every pattern and most weren't even worn. Apparently he had duplicates and triplicates of everything.

Madoff's bull obsession extended to his yachts, which were called Sitting Bull, The Bull and Little Bull

And for some reason he was obsessed with Belgian leather...

Bernie's shoe collection was apparently way bigger than Ruth's, and most were never worn

Ruth's diamond bracelet

Apparently the only investment pieces that Bernie collected, were watches. He loved Rolex and Patek Philippe, and had at least 40 Rolexs (including ironically, one of 16 ever made called The Prisoner Watch)

And another one of Madoff's obsessions, not surprisingly, was the Bull.. Clearly.

Ruth is apparently super petite

... and all her clothes were tailored to fit her tiny frame. She also loved belts.

Bernie obviously liked his latkes. And Ruth probably made them too - a marshal said she had tonnes of handwritten recipes lying around the kitchen, and even had a cookbook published

There were hundreds of media there, including Chinese state news channel, CCTV, who also wanted a taste of the Madoff action

The proceeds will go Madoff's victims and between 5%-10% goes to the auctioneers. The Madoff's Palm Beach assets will be sold off next year; that home sold in October.

And this is the second auction to get rid of all the Madoff's stuff...

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