WWE confirms that Hulk Hogan’s banner has been removed from MSG, was just part of the show

On Friday night the WWE put on an amazing show at Madison Square Garden, which happens to be the site of the first ever Wrestlemania. The highlight of the event was a tribute to pro-wrestling legend Hulk Hogan.

During the tribute, a banner honouring Hogan’s legacy at the arena was hoisted to the rafters alongside banners honouring the achievements of sports teams that call the Garden home.

Hulk Hogan Banner

On Sunday, however, a report from the pro-wrestling news site wrestlezone.com stated that the banner had already been removed before Sunday’s New York Knicks game.

WWE just confirmed to Business Insider that the banner will not permanently hang in Madison Square Garden. Here is the company’s full statement on the matter:

“The banner was a part of our show and was never intended to stay at MSG.”

This statement came after the official WWE twitter account posted this tweet, which suggested the banner would indeed be a permanent fixture at MSG:

So even though the tribute to Hulk Hogan appeared to be genuine and heartfelt, the part involving the banner can be categorized as what’s known in the pro-wrestling business as a “work,” or something that is planned or scripted, and not actually “real.”

The banner’s disappearance caused confusion and anger among the WWE fanbase, many of whom felt that Hulk Hogan truly deserved to be immortalised in the famous venue.


The WWE released a video of the ceremony on its official Youtube page, which includes the banner being raised:


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