Once again, ‘Madden’ correctly predicted the Super Bowl winner

Another year, another Super Bowl, another dead-on prediction from the folks behind the “Madden NFL” game series.

Madden NFL 17
‘Madden’ isn’t always so accurate — it’s got a 2:1 accuracy ratio, approximately. EA Sports

Days before Super Bowl 51 kicked off, the folks at EA Sports were busy putting the latest version of “Madden NFL” through a simulation of the big game. And while their eerily accurate simulation of the real-life NFL and its players didn’t get the final score right, “Madden NFL 17” did accurately predict the winner — it even nailed how the New England Patriots would pull off their late-game upset over the Atlanta Falcons.

“In the second half the tides began to turn,” the official play-by-play release from EA Sports says, “as the Patriots exploited an aggressive Falcons defence with short passes and quick attacks.”

And indeed, that’s not too far from the reality — the Falcons led the Patriots for the vast majority of Super Bowl 51… until the Patriots turned it around in the second half.


That’s where EA’s simulation falls apart; “Madden NFL 17” didn’t predict the insane overtime, and it didn’t get the final score right either. “Madden” put the game at 27-24, while the actual final score was 34-28.

There was one final prediction that the game nailed: “[Tom] Brady is also expected to once again earn Super Bowl MVP honours, making him the most decorated player in Super Bowl history.”


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