Madam Justice Hillary Clinton?

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It’s not uncommon for both Bill and Hillary Clintons’ names to be thrown about as potential Supreme Court justices.

Though in our experience, it seems like the idea of one of them on the Court is considered to be a thought for further down the road.

But today The Daily Beast has an article suggesting Hillary Clinton’s time might not be so far away. 

“Don’t laugh,” wrote Mark McKinnon and Myra Adams, “It’s politics.  Stuff happens. And a lot stranger stuff has happened in recent years.  Two words.  Sarah Palin.”

The article does not have any indications that Clinton has an inside track, but just that she would not be that far-fetched a choice. She is ambitious and likely does not see Secretary of State as her final stop, and she’s got the legal chops.

Of course, there would be a lot of protesting should Clinton be nominated — Whitewater questions would be re-raised and yells of disdain from conservatives in general would be inevitable. But, as the Daily Beast notes, many those who would actually have to confirm her know her and have at least a working relationship with her, so it might not be as huge a fight as one would initially think.

Why would Obama choose her? The Daily Beast suggest to firm up his legacy with the women voters angry at his surpassing Hillary in the presidential race.

It’s an interesting thought, though we still place the chances of a Justice Clinton (Bill or Hillary) a few Supreme Court openings away. (At which point, admittedly, their age will be more of a consideration.)

Either way, it is just speculation at this point…perhaps Stephens and Ginsburg will both sign up for one more term, allowing us all another year to play armchair President.

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