Something big finally happened on 'Mad Men' last night

Mad men S7 9AMC/’Mad Men’The partners hear their fate on Sunday’s episode of ‘Mad Men.’

Warning: Spoilers Ahead
If you’re a fan of “Mad Men,” episodes like Sunday night’s is why you watch.

Since the show came back from its hiatus to deliver the final seven episodes, there hasn’t been much to be excited about.

In the first episode back it was fun to see one of Don Draper’s old flames from season one return in a dream sequence, but since then it has just been a lot of Draper dealing with grief, sleeping around, and little going on at the office.

But now we’ve finally gotten that shot in the arm we needed to get us excited for the remaining final three episodes of the show.

Sunday’s episode had a major development, as Sterling Cooper & Partners got word that it would be absorbed into their subsidiary, McCann Erickson, after learning their office lease was terminated.

Following the initial shock, Draper came up with a plan to keep the company afloat. By moving to their west coast office, with a handful of accounts, the company could prove to the McCann Erickson big wigs that they are still valuable.

Mad men s7 3AMC/’Mad Men’The partners are in shock of the news, but Don has a plan.

It seemed like one of the gritty, “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” moves we’ve come accustomed to seeing Draper and Roger Sterling pull off to keep their company in business over the seasons.

However, when Draper, Sterling, Ted Chaough, Peter Campbell, and Joan Holloway showed up at McCann Erickson to pitch the idea, McCann Erickson’s executive Jim Hobart told them that they have it all wrong.

They aren’t getting thrown aside, but becoming a major part of McCann Erickson.

Mad men S7 7AMC/’Mad Men’Don didn’t even get past the first slide.

As he put it, “You’ve passed the test.”

Hobart apologised for the way things were handled, but that McCann Erickson was now “rolling out the red carpet” for them.

“You’re getting five of the most coveted jobs in advertising… Travel, adventure, and international presence. You’re dying and going to advertising heaven,” Hobart told them.

Mad men S7 82AMC/’Mad Men’McCann Erickson’s executive Jim Hobart delivers the news.

At McCann Erickson, Don, Roger, Ted, Peter, and Joan will be put on blue chip accounts like Buick, Nabisco, and Coca-Cola. (Though Joan admits to Peter after the meeting she’s suspect if a woman will get the same accounts her male counterparts will receive.)

It seems it’s finally time for the SC&P brass to start playing with the big boys. And that there’s finally an end in sight for the show.

Our assumption is that the final episodes will look at SC&P being broken down and who will be moving to McCann Erickson and who will decide to go another direction.

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