AMC Wants "Mad Men" To Cut 6 Characters -- Here's Who Has To Go

christina hendricks joan harris

The ugly back-and-forth between “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner, Lionsgate and AMC included this low-maintenance request:

Couldn’t Weiner just cut six characters from the show?


Granted, they’d give him three years to do it.

But six characters is a veritable bloodbath — and one that no fan wants to see.

Still, if Weiner has to play ball — here’s who we’d bid a fond farewell.

(And no, we’re not nominating Joan. Stop hyperventilating.)

*UPDATE: A source close to the negotiations tells us AMC did not ask Weiner to cut 6 characters. Click here.*

Back to London with you, Lane Pryce (Jared Harris). Though we'll miss those glasses.

It's obvious Greg Harris (Sam Page) is getting killed off -- so let's just get it over with.

Bertram Cooper (Robert Morse) can go, too. That's right -- we're suggesting two partners cash in.

Jane Sterling (Peyton List) makes great eye candy, but these are lean times. Besides, we have no doubt Roger will find someone else.

And Betty Francis (January Jones) -- we feel like we've seen her through 10 lifetimes. If she has to disappear to make room for someone else's new adventures, so be it.

Hopefully after spending so much time in the 1960s, these actors won't forget how to use Twitter, like these celebs do.

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