Mad Max's Interceptor is in Florida, but this fantastic replica is selling on eBay right now

“She sucks nitro… with Phase 4 heads! 600 horsepower through the wheels! She’s meanness set to music and the bitch is born to run!”

With Mad Max: Fury Road looming as one of 2015’s most anticipated releases, there’s never been a better time to own an Interceptor.

Lucky for you, eBayer “humongous0” (aka West Australian Brad Promnitz) has just the thing – a Mad Max Interceptor Coupe MFP 1973 XA XB XC Ford Falcon Black Pursuit:

Picture: Emilee-Jane Richardson

The exhaust system is a 2.25” dual system with hot-dogs and deep throat mufflers. The exhaust dumps discretely over the diff housing on each side. The 2 sets of trumpet pipes mounted in front of the rear wheels are bolt on/off and sit within the body line.

Picture: Emilee-Jane Richardson

The interior features:

Overhead radio console which operates features of the car including: Functioning Police light Fuel warning light and alarm Voltage reading disguised as radio channel Speakers and recording function Reverse camera

Picture: Emilee-Jane Richardson

Sadly, not the cool side-saddle passenger seat, which assumedly was very unroadworthy as it sat in the original:


Picture: Emilee-Jane Richardson

For the petrolheads, that’s a:

5.8 Litre (351ci) Cleveland Motor, rebuilt 8,000 kilometres ago with 2 stage cam and GT crank. 4 barrel carburetor with Large air cleaner (hidden) 671 Blower casing conceals the carburetor and air cleaner Blower is operated by diff-splitter switch on gear stem and achieved via clutch motor setup. Blower will match engine RPM via timing wheel when engaged.

Excellently, the Interceptor also has a bomb mounted next to the fuel tank underneath the car, controlled by an illuminated disarm switch. (But it won’t really detonate the fuel tank.)

And the price? Currently sitting at $50,000.00. That’s a bargain for the ultimate eyecatching muscle car, but a pittance compared to the rumoured $1m-plus paid for the original.

In the trilogy, the Interceptor was eventually destroyed and burned. But obviously the crew couldn’t bear to see it go, so they used a duplicate.

It’s still alive, in a car museum in Florida, after an extraordinary journey around the world. After filming, the original Interceptor ended up in a scrap heap in Broken Hill, where after a few years, it was spotted by Mad Max fan Bob Fursenko.

Picture: Dr Peter Nelson, Cars of the Stars

Fursenko spent $25,000 restoring the Interceptor, while at the same time confirming its authenticity with Kennedy Miller studios.

He got some of the cash back by taking it to exhibitions and charging $1 a look. Its first outing was at the Launceston Show, Tasmania.

Picture: Dr Peter Nelson, Cars of the Stars

When he was done with it, Fursenko loaned it to the National Motor Museum of Australia, at Birdwood, South Australia.

Picture: Nick Frame

And in 1993, after a chance meeting between the Birdwood Museum curator and an avid UK collector, Fursenko sold the Interceptor.

It ended up at Dr Peter Nelson’s ‘Cars of the Stars Motor Museum’ in Keswick, in the English Lake District, alongside KITT, The Batmobile and Mr Bean’s Mini.

When Cars of the Stars closed its doors in 2011, US collector American collector Michael Dezer bought it and gave it a new home at his own museum in Florida, where it’s still on show.

Picture: Dezer Collection, Florida

(Huge hat-tip to Peter Barton and his extremely thorough fan site,, for the information and pictures in this article.)

And because Mad Max wouldn’t be Mad Max without the Interceptor, here’s the next stage in its evolution in Fury Road:

Picture: Warner Bros.

Tom Hardy dons the leathers as Max. Fury Road is due out in cinemas on May 15, and if the trailer’s anything to go by (and they never are) it will, at the very least, look fantastic:

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