Macy's Apparently Has A 'Secret' Black Santa

Macy’s flagship store in Manhattan has a “secret” black Santa, who is allegedly referred to as the “special” Santa, according to Animal New York reporter Amy Nelson.

Nelson visited the Santaland display on the eighth floor of the Herald Square store after apparently hearing about the Santa.

She says she waited in line for 45 minutes to talk to a Caucasian Claus, who seemed somewhat confused when she asked about a “special” Santa, according to a video of her ordeal.

Nelson persisted, and asked an “elf” working in the exhibit if he could help her find the “special” Santa.

“Yes, you need to ask an elf in the maze… and they will set that up for you,” the worker told her, appearing to know what she was talking about.

“About five minutes later, an official-looking woman not dressed as an elf brought me to another lodge (there looked as if there could be as many as three or four different lodges), where a toddler-aged black girl and her black mother were wrapping up their time with a black Santa Claus,” Nelson reports.

A national debate erupted over the skin colour of Santa Claus earlier this month after Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly said on air that it’s a “verifiable fact” that Santa is white.

Watch Nelson try to find the black Santa in Macy’s:

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