Macy's Has Made The Physical Mannequin Obsolete

digital mannequinsDigital Mannequins are models on a screen. They have interchangeable clothing.


Macy’s is amping up its tech spending in an effort to better reach millennials, CEO Terry Lundgren said at a shareholder meeting Friday.He talked about several projects he has in the works, including showcasing merchandise not available in stores on tablets on the sales floor, David Moin in at Women’s Wear Daily reported.

The chain will also have digitally-driven mannequins that change with the weather, promoting snow boots during a winter storm or a rain jacket during a downpour. The customers could also change clothes on the mannequins, Lundgren said.

Here’s a full list of the changes Lundgren said he’s working on:

• Rapidly rolling out new ways to reach customers with special offers delivered to their mobile devices through Facebook, Google and other sites, and directly via text message.

• A “new generation of price checkers” on the selling floor with suggestive selling capability.

• Digital displays extending assortments in places where selling space is limited.

• Using tablets on the sales floor, particularly in jewelry, so associates can make faster transactions without the need to frequently open and lock up jewelry cases.

• Digitally driven virtual mannequins that change outfits to suit different crowds and weather patterns. If a snowstorm rolls in, the mannequin dons a down jacket and boots, for example. Shoppers may also change what the mannequin wears.

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