Macy’s is copying Amazon in its latest attempt to lure customers back to its stores

An Amazon Locker. Wikimedia

  • Macy’s is adding lockers for picking up online orders in certain stores.
  • The pick-up stations look extremely similar to Amazon Lockers.
  • Across the retail industry, companies are fighting to better meld online and in-store shopping.

Macy’s is taking a page out of Amazon’s playbook as it works to boost online sales.

The retailer has added lockers for online pickups at certain locations. Macy’s confirmed to Business Insider that it is testing the lockers “in a few stores.”

In a photo posted on Twitter by Fortune’s Phil Wahba, the lockers at a New Jersey location look extremely similar to AmazonLockers.

Macy’s currently has a deal for customers who buy online and pick up their purchases in the store, offering up to 20% off customers’ next purchase.

The retailer has been working to better meld its online and in-store services, according to executives.

“In 2017, we put a strong focus on improving customer experience through new service and delivery models, an expansion of Buy Online Pickup in Store, enhancements to our mobile experience and the use of AI to improve customer service,” Macy’s CEO Jeffrey Gennette said in a call with investors in late February.

Gennette continued: “In 2018, we’ll further scale a number of these, including the rollout of Mobile Checkout, At Your Service Centres across most of our doors.”

Customers can pick up orders at Amazon Lockers instead of having them delivered to their homes, preventing package theft and inconvenience. With Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, the company gained hundreds of convenient locations to install lockers.

Now, traditional brick-and-mortar retailers are experimenting with lockers of their own for online orders. Walmart and Nordstrom have both added pickup stations – shelves and “towers,” respectively – to certain locations over the last year.