One Of The Biggest Apple Magazines Just Laid Off Most Of Its Staff After They Covered The Giant iPhone Event

Tim Cook angry sadREUTERS/Rick WilkingApple CEO Tim Cook.

Longtime Apple magazine Macworld announced a number of layoffs Wednesday, but not before having those staffers cover one of the biggest product launches in Apple history.

The Macworld layoffs come as the publication is ending its print magazine.

Executive Editor Dan Miller broke the news on Twitter:

Macworld print is going away, but will continue.
— Dan Miller (@drm510) September 10, 2014

Miller told Valleywag’s Sam Biddle — where we first saw this story — that only “some” staffers would be laid off:

@samfbiddle some staff. not all.
— Dan Miller (@drm510) September 10, 2014

It seems like the leaner Macworld will rely heavily on freelancers:

re: we will continue to use/value the services of our many freelancers — perhaps even more than ever.
— Dan Miller (@drm510) September 10, 2014

Getting laid off is never good, but it’s especially painful when you’ve just cranked out a ton of news.

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