Anti-Consumerist Rapper Macklemore Adds Dr. Pepper To Growing List Of Endorsement Deals

Macklemore Grammy nominationsGettyMacklemore stars in a new ad for Dr. Pepper.

The Seattle-based rapper Macklemore and his DJ partner Ryan Lewis hit the mainstream in the fall of 2012 with “Thrift Shop,” a quirky ode to anti-consumerism that put forth the idea that spending money won’t necessarily make you cool.

Since then, Macklemore has racked up endorsement deals from the likes of Cracker Jacks, the NBA, and now, Dr. Pepper. Though he once famously chided listeners for thinking they could impress a woman with the brands they buy, Macklemore now seems to be suggesting that if they were truly unique, they’d drink Dr. Pepper.

In a new ad from Deutsch, Macklemore tells the story of how he went from a wannabe to a No. 1 artist without the help of a major record label. In doing so, he says, he and Ryan Lewis have proved themselves “one of a kind,” just like Dr. Pepper.

The ad is part of Dr. Pepper's "one of one" campaign, which has highlighted the stories of other unique people, like the polarising hip-hop artist Pitbull and NFL kicker Justin Tucker. The ad featuring Macklemore and Ryan Lewis will debut on television Jan. 20.

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